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Should we trust the invisible hand?

James B Glattfelder outlines an emergent entity in his study of transnational company data.

Is this entity trustworthy?

Please state your reasons for trust or otherwise on the assumption that this emergent entity exists.

I'd also be interested in your opinion of whether the entity outlined in the math is essentially separate from the people who created it?


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    Feb 15 2013: When superposing 3 Herman Minkovski charts it appears clearly the relativity of our choices driven by the knowledgeable: the large the latter, the larger the incoming profit is. But this "incoming profit" needs often huge investments which may not provide immediate profit.

    Small entities (and individuals) cannot make such speculations and die absorbed by past; large concerns can face such speculations (better if they could manage for the possible loss to be repaid by taxpayer) but can "absorb" past driven corporations to enhance future ones they own or manage.

    The superposition shows clearly 12 different positions (and choice abilities) out of which only 3 are interesting as far as investments are concerned. However their surface is driven by knowledge.
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      Feb 16 2013: Many thanks Gilbert!

      Do you have a link to demonstrate the imposition of 3 Minkovski charts?

      At one time I was developing supply chain systems and had to devise a separation of natural and promoted demand. Promotion deeply alters the at-rest supply/demand topology - this skews forecast outcomes across the product range and affects acuracy (service levels). It reduces service levels over-all, but is very handy as a tool to manipulate supply. I found that it was possible to forecast promotional skews by forecasting promotion as a product. The Minkovski approach might make this a lot more tractable.
      Or, perhaps, if we were to find a clear visualisation, we would know whether or not to trust the invisible hand - and indeed, if there are obvious parts which should be decapitated.

      I tell the joke that the invisible hand is attached to a moron .. if we could get a close look at him, we might be able to cure his malaise.

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