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Is the idea of addressing our body language a back door approach to solving the real underlining social issues of the individual?

I understand that connections are made between how we view ourselves and how we portray that confidence or lack of confidence through our body language . However, I'm not entirely convinced that this theory of how altering body language can alter our personal perspective of ourself.


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    Feb 21 2013: the science seems to show that mental state and body language are directly connected and influence each other. on smiling, look at the studies conducted by R. Zajonc. on emotion and facial expression, there is a lot of work done by ekman, gelder et al. the premise of the talk is to change the inner state by changing the body language. personal perspective was not directly addressed. what you are stating might require a long term study with psych evals to figure out whether that can have a lasting effect in changing one's outlook & personality.

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