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Is the idea of addressing our body language a back door approach to solving the real underlining social issues of the individual?

I understand that connections are made between how we view ourselves and how we portray that confidence or lack of confidence through our body language . However, I'm not entirely convinced that this theory of how altering body language can alter our personal perspective of ourself.


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  • Feb 16 2013: As Body language plays a major role in our social issues at least 60% it is an approach that needs to be worked on constantly. However the 30% tonality and 10% verbal communication cannot be ignored, constant self development is a must if we want to go from where we are to where we want to be in our own personal journey. Moreover our outside perception has to be worked on from what we put inside us, in order to be extraordinary people we have to work on all areas of our lives. Put great things in and get great things out.

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