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Is the idea of addressing our body language a back door approach to solving the real underlining social issues of the individual?

I understand that connections are made between how we view ourselves and how we portray that confidence or lack of confidence through our body language . However, I'm not entirely convinced that this theory of how altering body language can alter our personal perspective of ourself.


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    Feb 15 2013: .
    It is a very efficient and skillful way.
    The following is my comment on the talk of "Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are”:

    "Oct 20 2012: I think:
    By common sense:

    (1) Our brain is evolved from our body inseparably, and thus they have to inseparably work together.

    So, the body and brain have to change synchronically.
    That is, to change the posture must simultaneously change the brain.

    This is determined by our instinct programs saved in our DNA..

    (2) The testosterone and cortisol are merely the information chemicals, which are something like the data packages in our computer software.


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