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What if prisoners were given a choice...

Either go to jail and be re-educated, or forever leave society and go live on an abandoned island. In my mind, people who consistently commit crimes are just not cut out for society. But just because they were born into this society, doesn't mean they should be forced to live in it. So if someone is not cut out for society, why don't we give them the choice to leave society?

It's a bit of a wild idea, and I don't mean to sound harsh towards anyone who has ever committed a crime. I just believe that people shouldn't be forced to live in the society they were born and raised in, and if their given society turns out to not fit them, then instead of throwing them away in jail, committing them to misery and wasting taxpayers money, why not allow them to leave this society and go somewhere more suitable.


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    Feb 19 2013: This was done by the british. The colonisation of Australia was driven by the need to address overcrowding in the British prison system; however, it was simply not economically viable to transport prisoners half way around the world for this reason alone.[1] Many convicts were either skilled tradesmen or farmers who had been convicted for trivial crimes and were sentenced to seven years, the time required to set up the infrastructure for the new colony. Convicts were often given pardons prior to or on completion of their sentences and were allocated parcels of land to farm.

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