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What if prisoners were given a choice...

Either go to jail and be re-educated, or forever leave society and go live on an abandoned island. In my mind, people who consistently commit crimes are just not cut out for society. But just because they were born into this society, doesn't mean they should be forced to live in it. So if someone is not cut out for society, why don't we give them the choice to leave society?

It's a bit of a wild idea, and I don't mean to sound harsh towards anyone who has ever committed a crime. I just believe that people shouldn't be forced to live in the society they were born and raised in, and if their given society turns out to not fit them, then instead of throwing them away in jail, committing them to misery and wasting taxpayers money, why not allow them to leave this society and go somewhere more suitable.


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    Feb 16 2013: Jamie, I worked in law enforcement and prisons .. there are some who believe that inmates can be re-educated .. I am not one of them.

    When AIDS reached Cuba, Fiedel Castro had the whole island tested. All positives were fenced off from the healthy to prevent the spread. They had their own society. The same could be done for dangerous and career criminals. The insertion of a locator chip, the application of a shock collar, electrified fences, etc ... Provide them with their own society. The details would not be hard to work out and the costs would certainly be less than the current system and in time self supporting.

    Some countries have a three strike law ... three majopr crimes and you are a career criminal and lose all right to parole, etc .... We could go to a fourth strike law ... immediate eradication. It is just and provides a solution to the problem. Some countries go straight to the death penality on the first offense ... religious law. You know the rules ... you break them ... you lose.

    One in three will go to jail or prison ... the costs are significant. we need to make the punishments more harsh to stop the trend. The prison I worked in the inmates were only locked down for 8 hours. (The worst ones more) They had TV, radio, libraries, gym, rec field, weights, school, medical, food, stores, church, etc ... Not a real punishing society. The only thing they could not do was leave. Do something wrong you get a ticket ... how mean. But yet the liberals sue the system all the time for poor little Jonnie, the mass killer, because he lost some privlidges because he beat someone up. No TV for a month. Oh no not that .. how cruel.

    Sorry for the soap box. Yes there should be alternatives and they should not be at the expense of the same society they have wronged.

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      Feb 16 2013: Did you work with juvenile offenders in juvenile detention?
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        Feb 16 2013: Only for about a year and then I went to the state prison system.

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