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State of the Union

After watching the State of the Union speech I was curious about the history of the event and looked it up.

It is a communication between the incoming President and Congress. It can be given orally or in writting. It should state the economic stability of the nation. It will outline the administrations goals and what he will be expecting as support for the programs from Congress.

I encourage everyone to read the history and purpose of the speech.

The question is:

1. Did you watch the State of the Union address?

2. Did the speech meet the defination?

3. Did you fact check any of the claims?

4. If you did NOT watch ... why?


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    Feb 13 2013: The thought of watching it never occurred to me.

    The president does not have the faintest idea about economic matters.

    I heard the new stating that he wanted to raise the minimum wage. We have discussed that on TED ad nauseum, which of course will make the economy worse.

    I also heard a sound byte wallowing in the emotion of gun control, rater ironic coming from a Chicago Senator, a place with one of the highest homicide rates in the Country and some of the toughest gun control laws.

    The only thing he has a chance of passing is immigration reform. But even that will circle the drain if he does not make any concessions regarding spending.

    I did not watch for obvious reasons.

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