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Early balloting

AZ SB 1003 seeks to limit political parties from collecting and conducting mass early ballot turn ins.

A witness from a political action group stated in testamony that he collected 4,000 early balots and delivered them to a polling place. That polling spot had 20 times the amount of registered voters casting ballots. Would this be a RED FLAG. That is a no brainer.

When I go to the polls I am given a ballot in a sheath .. I mark it ... i carry it to the box .. I place it in the box. The workers are not allowed to touch my ballot.

Early ballots and provisional voting have left opportunities to voting fraud wide open. Note the term opportunities.

Polls are open from 6 AM to 7 PM and anyone who does not know when the day to vote is ... well simply should not vote for as multitude of reasons. We are assigned to precincts and are supposed to vote there. If that occured then there would be little if any wait ... one person one vote ... posative ID using approved documents for all .. the opportunity for fraud limited .. and counting of ballots made simple and fast.

Would you support a movement to precinct voting only .. must be on the regerstration print out .. one ballot .. one person ... ID check on the spot.

Serving the government away from home is a valid excuse. Moving and failure to register in the new area is not an excuse.

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    Feb 14 2013: All links I found to AZ SB1003 pointed to budget reconciliation bills with one including unclaimed property.
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      Feb 14 2013: The article appeared on AZcentral.com, 13 Feb 2013 - News now Am - Titled: Ballot Bill blocks group from submitting ballots. It cites the Bill number as SB 1003.
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    Feb 14 2013: Would you please furnish a reputable link? I've never heard of such a thing.
  • Feb 14 2013: Is this really a common problem?
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      Feb 14 2013: I guess that depends on which side you are on. For me I do not see the logic behind one person submitting 4,000 ballots. It may be all on the up and up but it does lend itself to questions. People have a year to make all the arrangements to vote. Polling places are normally within walking distance of all precincts residents where better control is available.

      Polls are open for 13 hours ... polling places are designed to spead the voters out equally ... polls have the current lists of registered voters in the precinct ... it is designed to accomdate the voters. Some polls have over 20 times the voters than designed for, each wanting to cast a provisional ballot because they do not want to follow the rules. Naturally the media shows up and broadcasts that they are waiting in long lines and charge that the polling place is denying them their rights, etc ... when in effect they are the problem by not following the rules. These are games that need to stop.

      The option would be to have a few polling places and no rules ...