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Why do you love Crêpes?

This is an exploration of why we love food and the stories that come from it. What are some memories you have about crêpes? Who were you with? How much did you pay for them? ext


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      Feb 14 2013: What I really want to know, though, is how Tom managed to have his arms around those two elephant trunks.
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      Feb 14 2013: Well, I'm trying to compile information to back a business idea. I was awarded a $5000 investment to prove people will buy crepes from a mobile crepe cart. If i do so effectivly I will receive an additional $20,000 to help me along the way. You can read the just of my thesis at http://startgarden.com/ideas/detail/velocity-crepes.

      As for the wonderful experience with two elephants, I took a break from school and my pedicab business in the fall to learn Thai massage and travel abroad for the first time.

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