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Why do you love Crêpes?

This is an exploration of why we love food and the stories that come from it. What are some memories you have about crêpes? Who were you with? How much did you pay for them? ext

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    Feb 13 2013: I have seldom seen crepes since I was at university several decades ago and they were, I suppose, something of a fad. One thing I liked was that, unlike many foods in which filling is wrapped in something of a dough, in crepes there was much more filling than dough. This may have changed in the way crepes are made today outside the home.

    As you mention crepes rather than food in general, please share what drew you to crepes in particular. Your name suggests you are likely not French?

    I have not yet viewed the talk you linked here about how food shapes cities.
  • Feb 16 2013: I was twelve years old, on the S.S France, with my family. A waiter made crepe suzettes for us at table-side. There were large flames! How can you not love that!? And they were delicious! I assume the food was in the price of the ticket.
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      Feb 14 2013: What I really want to know, though, is how Tom managed to have his arms around those two elephant trunks.
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      Feb 14 2013: Well, I'm trying to compile information to back a business idea. I was awarded a $5000 investment to prove people will buy crepes from a mobile crepe cart. If i do so effectivly I will receive an additional $20,000 to help me along the way. You can read the just of my thesis at

      As for the wonderful experience with two elephants, I took a break from school and my pedicab business in the fall to learn Thai massage and travel abroad for the first time.
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    Feb 13 2013: Seems like at the Stanford foodservice we got crepes maybe on Sunday morning, and I'd heap mine with fruit and whipped cream (didn't have to eat so healthy at age eighteen!) I'd usually go to some outlying dining room to eat alone and read the paper, but my friend would always find me and we'd talk. They were a treat, but I don't know if there was any absolute relationship between them and the other nice thing surrounding having them, talking with my friend.
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      Feb 14 2013: Did you top everything yourself?