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I am curious on how your family upbringing has affected you and your aspirations. Do you feel what Colin Powell states in his address valid?

I am looking for a real life correlation into what Colin Powell states in his address regarding the importance of having a functional family. In my personal opinion, I feel that I would be a completely different individual had I not had the strong willingness of my mother and grandmother to push me. Think back to your childhood and ponder the thought of how different you would be had the situation been different.


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    Feb 13 2013: My opinion on this subject is that you can spin any persons perspectives to have been the result their upbringing (If the family has xyz characteristic then the childs aspirations were nurtured and if the child comes from a family without said characteristic, then the child gained it out of unfulfilled need, etc etc)

    I do believe that there is some connection (albeit dependent on individual circumstance and possibly not measurable because of it), but I do think that peoples aspirations and resulting lifestyle ultimately come from themselves.
    I suppose the evidence (if you can call it that) is that rich, famous, important people can be found to have backgrounds of all varities.
    Perhaps their explanations (when it comes to the subject of family) is possibly just some form of rationalization (?)..

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