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Movies give a false sense of reality

To take the idea of this TED Talk one step further...

I postulate that viewing too much of any type of film can give a false sense of reality...hopes/dreams/infatuations of a new reality. There are those that strongly believe that violent video games/movies don't affect our thinking; how could they NOT affect our thinking?

There are reasons--very good reasons--why every civilized country in the world use movie/TV/game rating systems to assist us in exposing ourselves (and our children) to age-appropriate content. Allowing young children, for instance, to watch graphic violence, strong language, or explicit sexual content is HIGHLY likely to either traumatize them or teach them that it's normal behavior to imitate. It may begin, innocently enough, as something that plays out in their minds, but there is quite a bit of research out there that suggests that our thoughts eventually become our reality.

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    Feb 16 2013: Cody, What is your idea.

    Movies fall under entertainment ... people should be able to discern movies from reality. People who read or watch Frankenstein and dig up bodies and try to bring them to life have real issues. People who watch Superman and leap off of tall buildings in a attempt to fly pose little long term danger.

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