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Who are all the countries in the world in debt to?

I hear everywhere how Greece is in debt, France is in debt, the UK is in debt, Poland is in debt ....
I hear that part of these debts are so called internal debts i.g. governments owe money to their respective citizens, which boils down to us being in debt to ... ourselves. This concept in itself does not boggle my mind as much as the fact that anyone in their right mind is willing to buy it.
Part of these debts are so called external debts. Now, this can basically make sense only can anyone explain to me where does the buck stop i.e. who is the ultimate source of all that enormous credit? Since I am a kind of a redneck, can someone explain this in very simple terms steering clear of the language of economics which of course was developed for anything but explaining things?


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    Feb 13 2013: Countries are in debt to the IMF. A Monetary Fund which exists to manage International trade deficits. It is called the International Monetary Fund, known most widely as the IMF. The hidden agenda for the IMF is to replace the gold exchange standard with "Fiat Money", which is money printed at-will, or more crudely but accurately called counterfeit. The IMF loans money to nations through The World Bank. Loans are most often to LDC'c (Less Developed Countries). Founded by The Fabians (Keynes and White) in 1944, the program has one unified goal which is to establish global Socialism. It is this program that funds the "social reform" going on every day under local dictators living lavishly on the borrowed counterfeit money. (Read chapter 5 of "The Creature From Jekyll Island", by Ed Griffin).
    • Feb 13 2013: Many thanks for this. I find your answer as exhaustive as I find it grim. Also I have for some time suspected as much, but thought that perhaps I was being paranoid. I believe the world slides yet again down into a global disaster. I picture humanity to myself as two guys in a boat on Orinoko river, busy exchanging blows and quite oblivious of their boat drifting ever closer to a big waterfall. Do you know of a good place to hide away and weather the impending storm?
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        Feb 13 2013: Sure Jarek. Get down to your elected representative's local office and make a pest of yourself by impressing upon the minions there that you see what is happening to our once great nation and that you will vote for the candidate who shows similar awareness and is dedicated to changing our course before we go over the falls. Do not give up!
        • Feb 14 2013: I have every intention to follow your advice except that I will not be expressing my concern over the once great nation of yours, but rather over my own which is in the same plight as yours if not worse. I live in Poland :-)
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        Feb 14 2013: No surrender Mr. Steliga. Thanks for the reminder that there are still some nations remaining that have not been completely converted to Socialism.

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