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In order to achieve a social and economic equality, we need to change the core of humanity.

Premised under Darwin, life and more specifically humanity is based on propagation. Racism i contend, at the core, is self-preservation and the propagation of a unique species. Dilution of a gene pool allows the eventual eradication of a trait or group; as such in order to achieve equality we need to change the reason for being.
For thousands of years, human lived long enough to propagate then died. This allowed for the continuation of the gene pool .Though certain traits were eliminated, the overall structure was maintained (black skinned tone, white skin tone, language structure) continued to thrive .
However human curiosity allowed to obsess and then experiment on what’s was beyond the horizon. However our base code still maintains an innate routine that calls for self preservation. This interns manifests itself as sub-groups (tribes, race, language etc.).
To achieve the third wave of human evolution, we need to define a new reason of being. The basis of why we exist needs to shift from propagation of the species to enlightenment. Am not sure how to change this base code, but a wise man said to know and define a problem is the first step to having a solution.

  • Feb 13 2013: Your whole premise is based off of racism being a byproduct of biology. Racism to create, establish and perpetuate a "unique" species? That doesn't make sense. Nature does not discriminate, nor lean towards black or white for uniqueness. You are arguing from a biologically deterministic standpoint.

    I would counter that racism is a social construction. If it were compared to Darwinism, then it should be compared to social darwinism. A construction designed to preserve the unequal distribution of resources towards the dominant (white) group. However, I do not think racism is innate or has anything to do with raw preservation.

    I do agree that the wants and needs of humanity need to be reassessed, particularly within the global north. Western countries are the biggest culprits, and until we recognize how our consumption is destroying the planet and resulting in catastrophic inequality in developing nations it will continue to be a predicament. I am not a socialist, but I will not deny capitalism's role in the matter.
  • Feb 12 2013: Let's start with making it illegal to brainwash children in any religion and encourage people to not teach children to hate the "other." It's the negative beliefs and attitudes intentionally transmitted to children that cause the wars, racial and religious prejudice and all the other negativity in society. Our generation can be the one the ends the transmission of negativity to the next generation. Let's just do it. Teach positive or shut up.
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      Feb 13 2013: You speak like a true modern westerner!

      Let's start with banning, making illegal, fining and sending to prison - then only will the world finally be a perfect place.
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        Feb 13 2013: convert the world into a prison. cheaper, and has more space!
      • Feb 13 2013: Thank you for the compliment, Jedrek. We can be the generation that CHOOSES to live right. Let's rid our world of all the negative brainwashing of the past. We will co-create positive life experiences for all people. We CAN do that. Glad we have freedom of choice all day long. Happy Today.
  • Mar 10 2013: Are you justifying racism with self-preservation instincts? From the strictly scientific point of view, racism is exactly the opposite to self-preservation, it is self destruction. Human DNAs are meant to be mixed to make us stronger as a human specie. In the future of the human race there shouldn't be pure blacks or pure whites or pure asians, and as a result we will be a better human specie. Holding on to an specific skin color or facial trades seems to me like an uneducated attitude that could lead us to our self destruction in the long run.

    I don't think racism is not in the core of our self, I think it is in the surface, right were low self steam is - trying to overcompensate for a lack of a meaningful live - creating a fictitious birth right because an x skin color.
  • Mar 3 2013: Hey so i had an idea or theory i should say on evolution just wanted to know what ya think (don't really know where to tell it)

    All life is codependent every organism relies on upon another organism down to a cellular level (then down to a chemical level then down to atomic) so the idea is that complex organisms started from cells being codependent on the smallest of basis these cells would either acquire new cells or create them for certain tasks when there was new cells they had the same evolutionary trait or ability as the last (to survive) and to survive they would change or create new cells (adding a machine into the system to improve efficiency) effectively making more and more evolutionary potential but as long as each original cell still served a purpose to the other and the other to both they would not separate nor perish from their co existence effectively building complex life
    an interesting idea this brings up is that "you" are just another organism in a collection of organisms all working to survive but you are the input and out which is needed to comunicate with the the environment aka the macro world which is unneeded in the micro world because the processes are much simpler instinct and the machines in the system require little interaction in-between each other except traded nutrients or perhaps it's just that the environment is so small and steady for the organisms that they simply do not to be adaptable which is why all faster moving larger amount of space covering creatures need a problem solver

    nd when you think about it Humans and our ancestors have Always! been the farthest expanding organisms perhaps complex brains evolve just from expansion and the need to be highly adaptable in order to find sustenance in an ever changing environment which would explain our want to go to space and as we continue to do this we will become even more adaptable as a species

    Ps...good idea but enlightenment is far into the future for our species brother
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    Feb 16 2013: Social and economic equality ... wasn't that Marx.

    I have no idea where you are going or want to go with this "idea" ... what is the idea?

    This appears to be based on race ... but the title suggests that the 1% argument also.

    I need to know and define your idea to suggest a solution.
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    Feb 14 2013: Like other respondents below, I am confused about what you are saying.

    Are you asking a question about how to get rid of racism?

    Are you suggesting that "social and economic equality" should be humanity's goal and that the desire to pass one's genes on is at odds with this goal or result?

    Do you have a specific definition of "enlightenment" in mind?
  • Feb 13 2013: NO! am not advocating racial purity far from it, my contention is, we've been trying to solve most this issues for years but we seem to be heading no where. Could it be because a predisposition meaning nature or nurture. I believe most of the problems we have in society today, date back to the basic idea of survival premised on propagation. To countermand this basic code, we need to redefine why we are here now. Whats the reason for being, is it still our nascent humanity or have we evolved beyond this point. The more challenging question would be, if we have not as i suggest, can we?
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    Feb 13 2013: To be clear are you advocating a return to unmixed racial purity?
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    Feb 13 2013: human behavior is already large part learned and only a small part instinct. i see no problem learning new patterns, and overriding yet another instinctive remnant.
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    Feb 13 2013: .
    To achieve the social and economic equality, "we need to change the core of humanity".

    Tow ways:
    (1) Evolve into a new species that detects the INVALID happiness, which makes the inequality.
    (2) Let people know what invalid happiness is and quit it.

    (For INVALID (ineffective) happiness, see the 1st article, points 1-3, 14, at
  • Feb 13 2013: I don't understand what you are saying. people vary in skills and personalities, bu a more fair society would be helpful.