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In order to achieve a social and economic equality, we need to change the core of humanity.

Premised under Darwin, life and more specifically humanity is based on propagation. Racism i contend, at the core, is self-preservation and the propagation of a unique species. Dilution of a gene pool allows the eventual eradication of a trait or group; as such in order to achieve equality we need to change the reason for being.
For thousands of years, human lived long enough to propagate then died. This allowed for the continuation of the gene pool .Though certain traits were eliminated, the overall structure was maintained (black skinned tone, white skin tone, language structure) continued to thrive .
However human curiosity allowed to obsess and then experiment on what’s was beyond the horizon. However our base code still maintains an innate routine that calls for self preservation. This interns manifests itself as sub-groups (tribes, race, language etc.).
To achieve the third wave of human evolution, we need to define a new reason of being. The basis of why we exist needs to shift from propagation of the species to enlightenment. Am not sure how to change this base code, but a wise man said to know and define a problem is the first step to having a solution.


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  • Feb 12 2013: Let's start with making it illegal to brainwash children in any religion and encourage people to not teach children to hate the "other." It's the negative beliefs and attitudes intentionally transmitted to children that cause the wars, racial and religious prejudice and all the other negativity in society. Our generation can be the one the ends the transmission of negativity to the next generation. Let's just do it. Teach positive or shut up.
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      Feb 13 2013: You speak like a true modern westerner!

      Let's start with banning, making illegal, fining and sending to prison - then only will the world finally be a perfect place.
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        Feb 13 2013: convert the world into a prison. cheaper, and has more space!
      • Feb 13 2013: Thank you for the compliment, Jedrek. We can be the generation that CHOOSES to live right. Let's rid our world of all the negative brainwashing of the past. We will co-create positive life experiences for all people. We CAN do that. Glad we have freedom of choice all day long. Happy Today.

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