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Are religious debates useless?

There are many discussions about religion and God... It seems that neither side will be persuaded to accept the other no matter how good the arguments...
Are people so set in their believes that they cannot be persuaded in any way?

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  • Mar 31 2011: Beliefs are beliefs because one is believing something that isn't proven true. If they were proven true beyond doubt they would be facts, or knowledge. The fact is, regarding religion, we don't have universal proof that isn't doubted.

    The way I see it, there are so many religions in our world, and so many of them have conflicting claims that they obviously can't all be right. But most religions, from experience, tend to do more good than evil. It's only when the authority figures in powerful position abuse that power that religion turns sour. The good is undeniable. Religions build communities and help connect people.

    It's just a shame that more people can't be accepting that what they believe might be as right or wrong as what the next guy believes. If we could all accept that none of us know, we can get past all this petty arguing and start working toward a better tomorrow, together. We're all humans, we're all Earthlings... It saddens me that it'll probably take a world wide catastrophe to bring us together so we can see that.

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