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What is really behind the Pope's resignations?

It had been a very long time since I witnessed a human being declare his/hers own weakness and the Pope's decision to retire has moved me. I'm not a catholic, I'm not a believer in God but this decision (made public with plenty of dignity) is important.

  • Feb 14 2013: I am completely inclined to accept the Pope's statement of his reasons for his resignation.

    The man is 85 years old. I am only 63, and my capabilities are diminishing at a rate that is very disturbing.

    Perhaps he learned from his predecessors that holding the position beyond the time when he can actually fulfill it is vain.
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    Feb 13 2013: I don't buy the Pope's story. If he is ill, what illness? He was the background pope for John Paul who was unable to walk and couldn't even be understood when he mumbled. He made church policy and guided John Paul. Is there a reason why Ratz - a power-monger of the highest order - can't do the same if he is ill?

    I think that the church is falling apart. It lost Europe. It lost North America. 42% of Catholics are from South America, but as South America becomes westernized, the same calls of disagreement continue to come forth:

    1. Are women fully human and should they be allowed to own their own bodies? Or does God want them to forever be sub-human chattels of men and society?
    2. In the age of severe population growth beyond the world's ability to sustain her inhabitants, is the church's position on birth control and abortion reasonable?
    3. Given the lack of new priests, are women worthy enough to offer the Eucharist?
    4. Given the lack of new priests, should priests be allowed to marry? (They only began taking vows of celibacy around 1200, when illegitimate children became too expensive for the church to support.)
    5. Given the growth of awareness that homosexuals are born (made) that way, the church is going to have to change its position on this as well. What then?
    6. Given the stain of pedophilia ... well, it's had its effects.
    7. Given the growth of education (with help of Internet), too many are learning that Barabbas wasn't set free in the balcony scene. One called bar abba (a term not a name - meaning "son of Daddy (Father)" ) was released unharmed, and if Jesus died on the cross, then he wasn't speaking truth.
    8. Given the growing awareness that Paul's teachings (upon which church was founded) are mutually exclusive of the teachings of Jesus, the future is clear.
    10. Above = lost claim of moral infallibility.
    11. Quantum Physics & Jesus say the same thing. They say the church is wrong.

    Ratz. the power monger is not stupid.
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    Feb 13 2013: Well....it wouldn't surprise me if Mr Berlusconi proposed himself for the job :-D
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    Feb 13 2013: I remember a friend who was devout, called Pope John Paul the 2nd as the poor mans pope and Ratzinger the rich mans pope, I wonder if the next one will be an Italian?