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Do you believe that women stay in an abusive relationship because they seen their mother stay in an abusive relationship?

Is it possible for an abused female to believe that she is just as strong as her mother who was also abused, and feel she can stay in the abusive relationship. The thought is that she can change her significant other because the abuser loves her.


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      Feb 12 2013: Thank you Ms. Gustin for sharing a very meaningful "been there, done that" perspective on this very squeaky wheel. Have you watched the related talk by Leslie Steiner on this topic? Just click-on the red lettered title in the introduction to this post.
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      Feb 12 2013: I agree Gail,
      Fear paralyzes a person and blinds us to options. I also agree that things have changed in the last few years, and will hopefully continue to change. ALL members of our society need to send the message that violence and abuse are not acceptable. So sorry you had this experience.

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