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Visiting Physician agreement for Argentine doctors to visit the United States.

There is a huge doctor shortage in the United States, many in rural parts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in which Spanish speaking doctors or even more valuable. In the current system, a foreign doctor has to re-do his residency (three years minimum) and pass a rigorous English exam. Argentina has a surplus of highly trained, very well-educated physicians, many of which would jump at the chance to help out in the U.S. for a lower salary that a rural clinic could afford. If they could skip the residency, a 1, 2 or 3 years visiting doctor visa could fill the need and keep rural clinics and hospitals from closing. A high level of English would also be unnecessary in many of these areas.

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    Jun 14 2011: I'd love to head up the project personally. Unfortunately, it would have to be a political decision. Perhaps with individual states like Texas, California, New Mexico and Arizona--the states with the biggest need for Spanish-speaking doctors in rural, understaffed areas.
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    Feb 16 2011: Sounds like a great idea. It would also be a great experience for the Argentine doctors. For example, my cousin is an excellent surgeon that has specialized in burns for many years, yet she earns a pittance in Argentina, spending a few years in the US would be a great learning experience for her, both by being exposed to a different medical establishment/system and improving her English!

    A program like this would be great for both the US and Argentina, as long as the doctors returned to Argentina. Because if the Argentine doctors stayed on it would increase the brain-drain that is already wrecking havoc in our country ... to the great benefit of the USA!

    I hope somebody picks up this idea and makes it work.