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Touching practices should be implemented into schools' daily regimen.

Touch is turning out to be a vital role in stimulating hormone secretion, that of which can be extremely beneficial to the brain.

One crucial hormone is oxytocin; it is directly linked to feelings of contentment and connection (Zak P, 2011), cardiovascular health (Gimpl G & Fahrenholz F, 2001; Gutkowska J, Jankowski M, Mukaddam-Daher S, and McCann SM, 2000; Lisete C. Michelini, Marialuisa C. Marcelo, Janet Amico and Mariana Morris, 2003), and even increases vasopressin - a hormone recognized in the success of long-term, monogamous couples (Kadekaro M, Summy-Long JY, Freeman S, Harris JS, Terrell ML, and Eisenberg HM, 1992; . Ludwig M, Callahan MF, Neumann I, Landgraf R, and
Morris M, 1994; M.M. Limm, 2004). In response to an unending supply of research, many people are beginning to suspect low oxytocin levels as culprit for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (although with a particular weight upon the oxytocin via touching during sleep) (James J. McKenna1,*, Helen L. Ball2, Lee T. Gettler, 2007). With all these things stacking upon each other, I am definitely in the mind that our formality in schools be revised to allow touch. Healthy touch is important for kids and adults alike, forging trust and compassion - two things we need far more of in our ever-expanding political responsibilities. I think we should develop ways for school-goers - from students to alumni - to safely touch each other on a regular basis.

You know, as I think on it, the more I'm convinced touch needs to infiltrate every aspect of our formal lives.

Related questions: What constitutes safe formal touch? How can we establish boundaries? How can we promote touch as a way to increase accountability?


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    Feb 12 2013: There needs to be an inherent level of trust in others to have a program like this implemented. We don't have that kind of trust and faith in others anymore. Too many people know that the boogie man could be anyone, anywhere. Yes it is sad, but it's also realistic.

    We actually did an adult training in Scouts, as an adult leader, that cautions against placing your hand on a child's shoulder who isn't your own, because you could be conditioning them to trust you and then leading to something perverse. I found it disturbing that the discussion was required and part of their formal training.

    I know it may help with positive hormone levels, but I know that I wouldn't be comfortable with it.
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      Feb 12 2013: This is precisely the reason we need good touch. Our society is so often physically hurt. We should learn how to physically uplift!

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