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What brought you to Ted Talks?

What brought you to Ted Talks? What do you think brought every kind of person here to Ted Talks? Is it just our natural curiosity? Our hunger for knowledge? What drives you to ask questions, propose ideas, and debate issues on this web site and in general?

Who is the kind of person to not bother with Ted Talks?

I am not an avid user of the Ted Talks forum, but i have only recently discovered it. I think i am drawn to Ted Talks because of my curiosity. I feel involved with big modern debates and it forces me to think critically. This critical thinking is something i truly enjoy when it is relevant or interesting. Do certain people have this innate curiosity, and others not?

And of course, what brought you to Ted Talks?

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    Mar 5 2013: I liked the community of people who seemed rather intelligent and able to think for themselves.
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    Feb 17 2013: Well, I'm interested in the green movement, and many TED talks have to do with it.

    I guess one feels that the more knowledgeable one is, the more one can enjoy life, because one can live it with more skill, can see more of the opportunities and how to use them.