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Was the Pope's resignation a dignified move?

Do you think that Pope Benedict XIV's resignation was a move of goodwill, or was it an action to maybe see who his successor is?


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  • Feb 12 2013: I'm a Methodist and don't know the details and maybe should be quiet, but this is an 85-year -old man. It seems a noble gesture. Remember that dementia is not unknown in men of that age or older. This man can see the best medical doctors in the world. I assume he has an excellent prognosis of his health, and will make decisions based on that. Godspeed Pope BenedictXVI This is probably the best decision made with outstanding advisors. We're losing the old WWII vets rapidly My Dad died at the age of 87 years ago.
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      Feb 12 2013: I am very sorry to hear that. One thing that comes to mind is the fact that John Paul II, Benedict XIV's predecessor, was actually diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease four years before his death, and before that had sustained poor health, plus severe injuries dealt to him on May 13th, 1981, when Mehmet Ali Agca, a Turkish gunman and member of a military fascist group known as The Grey Wolves.

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