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Which is more beneficial, pharmaceutical medicine or alternative medicine?

In society today most of the population in the united states is diagnosed with a medical condition that is prescribed with pharmaceutical drugs. I have talked with many individuals that their doctor has prescribed them medicine but have asked to you alternate medicine because of side effects.


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    Feb 11 2013: I am a medical student in my last year, but I am also a qualified Reiki Master and Pranic Healing Practitioner. I have found a perfectly logical explanation for how both of these healing methods fit together. Our focus should not be on which one is right, but which one the patient best responds to, and we should never rule out the possibility of combining the two! In fact, we should insist upon it! Conventional medicine, in some cases cures a disease, however there are categories, such as chronic disease, in which it simply postpones or suppresses the symptoms. Complimentary medicine is not as aggressive, but if successful, has long lasting effects that pinpoint the root of a problem and eliminate it entirely. A treatment plan that quickly removes unpleasant symptoms and eventually cures the ailment, is what all medical professionals should be striving for!
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      Feb 11 2013: What wonderful wisdom.......and balanced point of view.

      So nice to see that at least one future doctor has this wholesome approach to dealing with human ailments.
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        Feb 12 2013: Thanks Mary! Its my TED idea, to bridge the gap between these two healing methods!

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