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Do people still want to print out their pictures or make photo books?

Cameras are prolific in today's society. There are cameras on every cellular phone it seems, and also on tablets and some other personal devices.

Picture taking is also a lot more prolific than it used to be a few years ago. When you only had 24 pictures per roll of film and then had to pay for each one you were pretty careful with them, not just snapping 10 at a time. But now it is nothing to take 10 pictures or even 20 then delete the ones that you do not want later.

It seems that we all love pictures! If we didn't they would not be everywhere. Companies also like to promote taking pictures with their devices. Apple has a pretty cool new commercial about pictures. I could not find a link to it when I just looked but you might have already seen it, I have seen it about 5 times and I DVR almost all shows. They are plastering this commercial everywhere :)

Anyway what I would like to debate is: with all of this picture taking going on do you still see a value of printing out the pictures onto 4 x 6 or larger prints or putting them into photo books?


Closing Statement from Josh Heuser

I really appreciate all of the great feedback everyone left on this. You all left some great answers. I am new to the TED community here and was asked to post a question as part of an assignment in college. You all have shown me that TED is full of thoughtful people who are highly educated and passionate about what you believe in.

Thank you!

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    Feb 15 2013: For me yes, and I am a young adult. I just printed off almost every photo that I have off of facebook so that I could comfortably delete the profile. I also feel like a hard copy picture is more valuable. I will be able to show my children these pictures someday, while the pictures that I have uploaded online I don't know where they will be whenever I have children. I often save photos from online to a usb so that I can print it.

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