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How has a single experience changed your attitude forever?

I'm a strong believer that true attitude changes can only happen through experience. Some experiences are only a few seconds long, but hit you so hard you will never be the same again. These experiences can be near-death experiences, a brief conversation with a passing stranger, the loss or gain of a loved one, maybe you got fired or a customer rejected you, or even just reading a book. I would love to hear your experiences.


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  • Feb 11 2013: Thanks everyone so far for the great responses!

    Leo, I mean any experience that has altered the way someone lives. It could be changing from positive to negative or vice versa, it could have changed someone's behaviour and actions, it could have even changed their personality. I am interested in how experience shapes us.

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      Feb 12 2013: Got it. I believe that happens all the time. It might be modifying the way we drive to seeing a competitor product on sale, purchasing it, and then changing buying habits. Some of that might be chance as to why it happened and then the development or changing of habits.

      It is an interesting topic. Why do some things change us immediately (perhaps a near death experience) and other things (like losing weight) take quite a bit more?.

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