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Is basing our traditional education system strictly on grading ruining our creativity?

One of my professors actually received an education at a University that did not support a traditional grading system and he said that it was the best education he had ever received. My question is if the traditional school systems and the use of grading teaches us that if we make mistakes you will be penalized, do you think that by switching to another type of education system we could eliminate the our fear of making mistakes while still promoting a creative learning environment?


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    Feb 11 2013: What need is there for creativity in the process of learning the multiplication tables? My point is that the charter of educators should not include the inculcation and development of personal creativity in each student. The application of things learned is creativity. Learning the things does not require creativity, it only requires attention to the teaching and the necessary mental faculties. Sure, a creative teaching style is more fun and arguably more efficient than a dry, rote style of teaching but creativity is never a strict requirement on the part of students. From a different angle let me ask this, does a driver's test ruin the creativity of those taking the test? Is there a place for creativity in a driver's test? So, without tests and grading how would it be determined that the person has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to be a safe, capable driver? Tests and grading are the only way to quantify the effectivity of the teacher and the learning of the student. I don't think creativity plays an important role in the learning, as distinct from the teaching, process.

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