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The Government should offer financial support programs for those that need flexible hours to take of sick family, not like the lotto.

In the video there was a website to put in what times you will be available even for a few weeks ahead. I have never been able to predict when I need time off for family assistance but I usually run out of personal time by end of February. I don't like the idea of the government passing the legislation and allowing independent business to run themselves like the lottery. I think a system like welfare and unemployment would be better. People could get assistance on a routine basis by sending time cards every 2 weeks or monthly and would have to prove they need the assistance.

  • Feb 12 2013: One complaint now is that there are too many non-fulltime jobs.
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    Feb 11 2013: You do know that you are "the government", right? Every cent you expect Uncle Sam (who is dead broke but actslike Daddy Warbucks by borrowing from the Federal Reserve System's infinite supply of "free" currency) to spend is really coming from you in the form of increased debt shared by every taxpayer. The net result is your personal earning and buying power goes down. Socialism does not play well with freedom. Pick one.