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I agree structure is very important for kids, but is a military like structure the most effective way to give kids structure?

I agree structure is very important for kids but I don't think the way the military trains soldiers is necessarily the kind of structure we need for our kids. That kind of discipline and training is overkill. I think kids just need positive role models and good discipline.


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  • Feb 17 2013: By reading all the comments before this of mine, it seems that many opinions were concentrated in the Powell speak and the word military. Let me talk about what environment and system are needed for creativity inducing education from the view or expectation by the student.
    My personal experience leading to my expectation that it is better to avoid military training type of discipline, and also any disciplinary action such as corporal punishment are not needed because that would inhibit, or at least discourage, creative thinking. On the other hand, the chaotic classroom situation in present day public schools are also undesirable, because when bullies disrupt normal ongoing teaching environment or even openly assault fellow students or the teacher, then I don't see how any student will have an optimal learning environment under such condition.
    My expectations are listed as follows:
    1. The students should hold a genuine respect to the teacher. The respect is not restricted to say "yes sir" or "no sir", which to me is rather optional, but also obey what the teacher tells them to do, such as no talking among them, even behind the teachers back.
    2. I believe that student learning by himself should account for 60% with the other 40% deriving from the teacher. Therefore, the important task for the teacher should be more guidance and encouragement of how to learn rather than reciting the teaching materials most of the time. The consequence of many rules, regulations and mandates imposed on the teachers to follow are merely ropes to bind the hands of teachers, and are not helpful the student's learning.
    3. I also advocate for a student to listen more and speak less. If you are an A or B student, do you find that you sometimes actually already had the correct answer before the teacher answered your question. In other word the best learning process is think first and ask, or research, it later. After all, the teacher is not the only person who can answer the question.

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