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Dog food for humans

As a dog owner i have always wondered this and secretly wished for it every time I go to dump a bowl of food into my dogs dish.

Why cant i have dog food for humans? Something sold in bulk requiring little to no preparation and sustaining me fully with all the nutrition I need including vitamins (and maybe even making my hair shinier :)). Something inexpensive with a long expiration date and decent taste.

Would you eat it?


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    Feb 15 2013: I used to eat dog food when I was a kid.

    Now when someone throws a stick, I just can't stop myself.

    Pot Noodle is probably the human equivalent, but without the nutrition, vitamins, decent taste and the ability to shine up the hair. Otherwise it has remarkable similarities. (Should it be renamed "Not Poodle"?).

    Yes I'd eat it - if only to stop this really annoying tail from wagging.

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