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Dog food for humans

As a dog owner i have always wondered this and secretly wished for it every time I go to dump a bowl of food into my dogs dish.

Why cant i have dog food for humans? Something sold in bulk requiring little to no preparation and sustaining me fully with all the nutrition I need including vitamins (and maybe even making my hair shinier :)). Something inexpensive with a long expiration date and decent taste.

Would you eat it?


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    Feb 11 2013: Just for your interest, Spencer, for the last five years I have lived on only one food: milk. Every day I drink between one and two gallons of organic skim milk, and I don't eat or drink anything else. It's been good for my health, I've lost seventy pounds. I do have to go to market every day, but I zip right in since I know exactly the one product I want. Also I never have to do dishes, never have to clean up the kitchen.
    • Feb 11 2013: Thats cool, I hope ur taking vitamins as well, I think milk is lacking in a couple categories
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        Feb 13 2013: No, I don't, Spencer, I feel if it's not broken, why fix it?

        I do very well on my yearly physical, for example, milk has no or almost no iron, and yet my blood iron stays at an acceptable level. I am inquiring as to why this is.

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