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Dog food for humans

As a dog owner i have always wondered this and secretly wished for it every time I go to dump a bowl of food into my dogs dish.

Why cant i have dog food for humans? Something sold in bulk requiring little to no preparation and sustaining me fully with all the nutrition I need including vitamins (and maybe even making my hair shinier :)). Something inexpensive with a long expiration date and decent taste.

Would you eat it?


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    Feb 11 2013: As you have described it I would replace my current, expensive food budget with your People Chow! Providing it is not Soylent Green. Like many good ideas the production of it is not the problem. The established, and very powerful, food industry will buy all the best politicians and hire all the best lobbyists to make sure their gravy train does not get derailed. Real World 101. Sorry.

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