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Is there a correlation between the status of a "tastemaker" that makes one video more famous than another video?

For instance, does Jimmy Kimmel have more relevance than a professional athlete such as Lebron James? And if so, why is that? Is there more access to a celebrities that are on television everyday that affects how many views a certain youtube video could get by their promotion?

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    Feb 11 2013: I think we just consider some celebrities a little smarter, or more discriminating, than others. There are B-list celebrities, and A-list celebrities. If an A-lister endorses something I pay more attention cause I think that's a super-competent individual with great judgement. A B-lister, not so sure.

    Also it has something to do with the product, like I might listen to Lebron on what shoes to buy, Jimmy I don't know much about, maybe I'd listen if he told me what comedian to go see.