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Telling others about your goals forces you to accomplish your goals.

Telling your support system like your family and friends about your personal goals will inspire someone to complete their goal. Having the support system set up is a motivating tool to succeed. For instance, a person wants to quit smoking so said person tells family and friends that quitting is a goal with a set date. The support system that was informed of the goal will most likely remind that person that quitting is a goal whenever they see that person smoking. Without telling anyone about the goal it would be very easy to just forget it and not feel any guilt for failing. With the support system in place that person will feel a greater satisfaction for completing it by a receiving appraise from them.

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    Feb 11 2013: My personal experience is that when you tell those closest to you about a goal, that they aren't always as supportive as you would like. I have learned to use this reaction as my secret weapon. Every time I hear, 'you can't' I use it as fuel! I failed a semester in university due to illness and everyone around me was so worried about my health and if I would drop out or not. So what did I do? I decided to start up a company that gives medical knowledge to all for free and to pass my next semester with the top grade in my year. No one thought I could do it and I didn't have much support. But it was the lack of belief and expectation that drove me to succeed! I hope that this story inspires others to reach their goals because that's why I joined TED. You can find my work at www.salmonellaplace.com

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