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This predicted shift of the internet addresses the function change of the internet, but it doesn't take account of social aspects in detail

As someone who spends more than their fair share of time on the internet I am more than familiar with the variety of subcultures which dwell on the net. Many are harmless and leave everyone well enough alone; however there are much more disruptive groups of people as well. My concern is the internet's potency as an agent for the end user with grow in leaps and bounds as will the danger.

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    Feb 12 2013: The internet as a tool for social interaction ? Definately seen changes accelerating in internet use, internet is a very fast communication tool. Do get annoyed when cookies and apps seem to want to place products and services according to what I might have been 'looking at recently'. Then again so very grateful for the internet as individual research and family contact enhanced. Acadmic research now about the disruiptive influence of some social networking sites. Purchasing goods 'online' definately impacting global shopping and freighting. Software designed to block unhelpful and disruptive programming seems to be getting better all the time. Maybe safer if 'subcultures' can 'vent' virtually rather than in real life, possibly ?