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How do we as parents fight obesity among our young children when both parents work full time?

How do parents fight obesity, when both parents are working and in every corner there is a fast food restaurant that your child has to have or that commercial that makes your child cry all day until she or he has that chicken nugget. When the fast food product is cheaper and quicker to get than actually taking a trip to the local market, has parents raising their child's chances for obesity instead of taking time out of their day to help their children eat healthy.

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    Feb 11 2013: Try putting your tv on in the evenings to cooking shows like:

    America's Test Kitchen, or Cooking with Julia, or Lydia's Italy (who by the way has her grandkids on there every once in a while).

    When kids get excited about the fact they can cook their own meals, and you set a good example for them, the possibilities are endless.

    Exercise also plays an important role.

    Here is a link to an episode with Lydia and her grandchild:
  • Feb 11 2013: Anything can irritate a kid. There are limits to what one can do for someone ellse. Be careful in dealing with another person. Since the mind can not process a negative, be carful in negatively worded statements. Do not eat this could become eat this.
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    Feb 11 2013: Set a good example by maintaining your own health.
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    Feb 11 2013: There are two separate parenting issues here that strike me with two different answers.

    First, I will approach the "makes your child cry all day until she or he has that chicken nugget." In child rearing I am thinking most parents early on develop a parenting strategy that sends the message that crying for items in the store and so forth is absolutely ineffective as a strategy for getting the item. How does a parent deal with a child who cries because he wants that toy truck in the window? Same thing, isn't it? [Mine never did this sort of thing, so I don't have a specific strategy to recommend. I am betting parenting books and pediatricians have advice on this though!]

    In terms of "fast food restaurant that your child has to have," kids can't usually walk in and buy stuff themselves at these places. If you don't want to go, would it work to try "Oh, Sweety- they put all sorts of wierd stuff in the food there- let's [ingenious counterproposal] instead" and offer some splendidly fun at home alternative.