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Audio considerations in contact centers/call centers.

I have worked in and around contact centers for more than 20 years. I am amazed that companies still don't pay much attention to the acoustics of the contact center environments. I can hear background noise in at least 50% of the companies I call for support or questions. This is generally blamed on poor headsets or improper headset microphone placement. Even in locations where the customer isn't hearing the background noise, the associates are experiencing audio levels that most likely impact productivity. I would like to see a consulting company that works with these environments to improve the experience of the customer and associate while improving productivity through the reduction of ambient audio levels.


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    Feb 14 2013: Improving the customer-experience should go hand-in-hand with improving working conditions. I definitely agree to your argument here. I personally love to be working in an acoustically-engineered spaces than working in noisy environments, unless you are working in a rock-band or a musical group. Productivity definitely goes up.

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