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We will NOT find an alternative to energy dense, easily transportable conventional oil in time to sustain indefinate economic growth.

All alternative energies have one or more disadvantages that do not let them compete with cheap conventional oil.

Given our industrial civilization depends on massive amounts of cheap energy, the reliance on conventional oil is enormous.

The only quick solution I see is a drastic downscaling of economic activity.

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  • Feb 15 2013: Brian: It is not true that"electricity is not a replacement for oil", as you stated. It depends on whether the electricity is cheap , plentiful , and has no negative effects. It is possible to create artificial motor fuel, etc from the components in the atmosphere. Because of that , it could be "carbon neutral". If you would like more details about that , and other energy alternatives, you could look up "Thorium: Energy Cheaper than Coal". by Prof. Robert Hargraves, of Dartmouth.
    • Feb 18 2013: Cars of the future won't use batteries?
      • Feb 19 2013: Brian: This technology is sometimes hard to describe in few words. The idea here is that with unlimited amounts of electric power, synthetic liquid fuel can be cheaply synthesized from the components of air, and since it is all derived from air, burning it does not add CO2 , etc.in the combustion.(carbon neutral) So , yes, we might possibly have future cars run on "synthesized fuel" , not batteries. If you want more details about this, look up "Thorium: Energy Cheaper than Coal" by Rpbert Hargraves, or Youtube, Kirk Sorensen Thorium LFTR

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