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We will NOT find an alternative to energy dense, easily transportable conventional oil in time to sustain indefinate economic growth.

All alternative energies have one or more disadvantages that do not let them compete with cheap conventional oil.

Given our industrial civilization depends on massive amounts of cheap energy, the reliance on conventional oil is enormous.

The only quick solution I see is a drastic downscaling of economic activity.

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    Feb 18 2013: Mr Duck Worth.

    I have heard of the terrible weather that has plagued your country over the last years. Weather has been over active here and all over the world. These storms have caused much human suffering and miseries..

    You are right. There is a lot of weather out there. And if you look at weather patterns, your will see that they seem cyclical at about every twelve years. Some cycles are moderate, some swing widely.

    But you were concern about the global temperature. If we look at history, we see the the global temperature has been all over the place. Ice ages, no ice at all and the temperatures have been 10 C higher then now and 10 C lower.
    So, what do we know about it...GT is a dynamic phenomenon. Why these cycles? Pick a theory, any theory.
    Cosmologists speak of solar and galactic forces that effect our solar system and planets. Oceanographers will tell you that undersea volcanic activities warm the seas and that heats the surface. My favorite are the environmentalist who say that exhaust of vehicles, cattle and old swaps give off CO2 and that traps heat on the plant. That's my favorite, can't stop cows or swamps, let's stop driving....

    Why my skepticism?

    Back in the 70s, Scientists were positive that the earth was cooling. they had all the numbers to prove it. By the year 2000, global cooling would have reduce food crops to such a point that there would be food wars all over the world. Millions would starve. Magazines had articles on how to survive the coming ice age. Which was good because we had many bomb shelters built for WW 3 and they could be re-purposed.

    So.. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me...and for God's sake don't tell me that they're right this time, they've been right every time.
    • Feb 18 2013: It's understandable to have doubts about man made climate. What about ocean acidification caused by CO2?

      What if the scientist do have it right or even partially. Is it worth chancing our climate or ocean life? Burning the remaining economically viable fossil fuels will take maybe a century while our planet to rebalance itself so to speak would take millenia.
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        Feb 18 2013: 66 million years ago, the earth was estimated to be much warmer,a higher CO2 in the air and in the ocean, A world of huge plants and animals, then something happened, but that's another story.
        Here's my point. Earth has had a wide variety of "climates". I will give you that humans are fairly astute creatures, but as far as the earth is concerned, we are just a minor skin irritation and the earth is going to do what the earth is going to do and it will do it in it's own time. So, mankind would be well advised to simply roll with the punches, ie. accommodate to the changes. There may be losses of species in a big global shift. Just hope we aren't the species.

        Most of those "scientists" who want to hold to the status quo on the earth's climate are just used car salesmen or maybe wannabe politicians. Most of them are in it for the money. As an example, I
        give you.... Al Gore

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