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Reboot education with the return of Latin.

I often preach that if you can speak the language of the subject you will do well. In math if you can identify and name the parts, their functions, and understand all of the abbreviations then you can most likely solve the problem.

So I am a great believer in vocabulary. Each time I read the papers of the founding fathers I am impressed with their grasp of the language. I believe that the requirement of Latin in their basic education was a great contributor to this. In the US we had Latin offered until the mid 60s in my school and then it went away. Latin was great for deriving the root word and gave you a better picture in defining the term.

So here is the debate: Would the return of Latin have a positave impact on todays students and provide a better understanding of subjects such as math, science, english, and in fact most subjects.


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  • Feb 10 2013: I was one of the last students in my high school to study latin. I enjoyed it and I found that it helped in many science and artistic subjects and not just languages (latin was probably the last language class I passed as well).
    However, don't forget that my generation is responsible for
    The internet
    Facebook and other social weirdness that puts everything through a phone
    Economic Ponzi schemes and the general distruction of our wealth systems
    the tech bubble, the real estate bubble, the student loan bubble and all the other bubbles
    starting the peace marches and then abandoning them so we are still no further ahead
    all the weaponary the government wanted my generation designed and built.
    After the generation before me went to the moon, my generation could barely get into orbit
    we created the computer revolution but forgot how to multiply and divide.

    Latin might be positive to the mental powers of the next generation, but it might not be enough

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