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Do we have a moral imperative to help others?

If one includes others, please define "others". For example, are "others" family, friends, community, city, state, country, or world? Are others the most needy and/or the least powerful such as children or women in a poverty stricken country? When answering, keep in mind our innate ability as humans to self deceive, and answer based on one's current use of time, money, and emotional surplus, if any, rather than words absent of corresponding action.


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    Feb 10 2013: Depends heavily on you, you can be someone that put his family first or do anything for his friends. no one can draw a line for you or say what you must do. It's just vary with who you are.
    But it's always nice and great to put others first and help them. it's beyond a good did. You can and should choose who or what you want to help.

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