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Do you think good-looking people receive special treatment? Is racial discrimination lessening or increasing in your opinion?

Russell states that looks aren't important and she would know best because she is a Victoria Secret model. I would make the claim that looks play a large part in today's society. Personal image relates to the deeper, underlying issue of racial discrimination and oppression.

  • Feb 10 2013: Yes I think so. I also think that less attractive people may have an advantage later in life though, because we all get old and then we don't have our looks anymore to rely on. The less attractive people have had to compensate for their lack of looks all their lives by being more interesting to talk to, funnier, having nicer personalities, etc. While the attractive people may fall into a black hole when they realize that their looks have faded ...
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    Feb 11 2013: I do think that good looking people get treated better. Just by virtue of being noticed, rather than overlooked, would afford you more attention and if your features are pleasing, then you will retain that attention and focus. The same as a beautiful sunset or a great painting, someone attractive will garner favorable looks which translates into favorable attention. As for racism, I think it is a thing of the past. But it is harder for me as a young white male to really know. I don’t see it and haven’t witnessed an incident of racism. Also, at least in my “crowd” it is unacceptable and actually not tolerated.
  • Feb 11 2013: Yes I believe that in our society today sometimes good-looking people can receive special treatment, especially if you or someone else finds that person to be attractive. Many people in our society, Hollywood, the media etc. all emphasize our outward appearance which has lead people to perceive being physically beautiful is a necessity. I partially disagree with Russell, I’m not saying that every situation a person is presented with deals with someone’s outward appearance but I think that job interviews, dating or even just stopping someone to ask for directions, can be influenced by that persons perception of your outward appearance. Even models, which use their appearance to sell products or any idea, are sometimes airbrushed to look “perfect”. I think that this perceived notion of beauty can really mess with persons self esteem. We are constantly bombarded with media images that promote a desire to be beautiful. Between random diet crazes, plastic surgery, body image issues (which can lead to a number of problems like anorexia or just low self esteem), it’s no wonder that these images can often lead to some sort of discrimination, depression or even racism. I think that each individual has their own strengths and weaknesses but oftentimes these can be overshadowed by our perception of beauty.
  • Feb 11 2013: I believe that people who are good-looking do tend to receive better treatment. Whether it is free drinks at a bar, or getting out of a speeding ticket, they can get special treatment anywhere. I agree with Eli, that as people get older, looks change and it tends to balance out more and not as good-looking people are better prepared for their future. I agree because they learned to work hard for what they want instead of having it handed it to them. However, I also disagree because not every good-looking person is a slacker. Yes there are many, but I know many good-looking people who work very hard to get where they are.

    I think that racial discrimination is still a problem, but in different ways. People are still racist, but more people use racial slurs as part of jokes or how they speak. It is becoming more common in daily lives and some people do no realize that words still hurt even if they are common. Just because someone says it doesn't mean others should.
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    Feb 10 2013: Everyone knows that good looking people get special treatment. Upgrades on airlines for instance. It is obvious unless of course, you happen to be one of the beautiful people.

    In the US I think the racial situation has gotten worse. When I was younger there were riots and the lines between us and them were clear. Those riots and social change has caused discrimination to go underground. To be politically correct and pretend not to discriminate makes it much more difficult to say you were profiled when you were pulled over by the police. Or when your table is served last with cold food. Or someone gets promoted around you. It is not obvious and terribly difficult to prove and that is just how we like it. We like to pretend we don't have a problem.
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    Feb 10 2013: G’day Ricardo

    I would say in most cases good looking people are treated better. Racialism I think is dying out with the old dinosaurs of our time; some of the racialist attitudes of the elderly are incredible but even some of them have changed to a certain extent within their attitude.