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How would kids benefit by learning a programming language?

It teaching kids a programming language in grade school becomes the norm, just like learning to read, write and basic mathematics, other than creating their own computer programs, what ways would they benefit from learning a programming language?

Some benefits that I can think of is helping develop independence and self confidence and also giving them an outlet to develop their creativity by being able to have an idea and then create a finished product for that idea.


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  • Feb 11 2013: I think it would be advisable for our education system to teach children to code in school. It helps with the brain development, math skills, logic and a great deal of other qualities. Will our education system though make changes to the curriculum to include coding? Will our education system change from telling them how and what to think to HOW to think? I think to stay viable in our world, the US public education system needs a dramatic change in how they teach children.

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