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Everyone can benefit from moments of introversion

With more freedom comes more solutions. Stop forcing norms upon everyone leading them to become "apes". Encourage creativity, failure, success no matter the method used to reach it. If someone is soft spoken don't write them of right away and if you tend to do that try becoming an introvert for a minute and listen to what they say because a man of few words tends to make them count. Find your own "wilderness" and go there, then come up with an idea without pressure or influence, and when you get back dont be to shy to share it...

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    Feb 10 2013: Do you mean introspection or introversion?
    • Feb 10 2013: Can I mean Both?
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        Feb 11 2013: Introspection is available to anyone. Introversion/Extroversion is, on the other hand, a personality trait that tends to be stable, unless someone encounters a real life trauma.

        People can try to be outgoing or to spend less time engaging with people and more time alone, but that doesn't actually change the person's personality.

        Famous introverts include: Al Gore, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ingrid Bergman, Johnie Carson, David Letterman, Barbara Walters, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep.
        Famous extroverts include, I have read, Socrates and Martin Luther King.
  • Feb 10 2013: As an introvert thinker, I would tend to agree...just as I benefit, Occasionally , from moments of extroversion.

    But I wouldn't want it to be proscribed. I have been told all my life, from 10 years onwards, "Don't look so serious"... "Cheer up!" (I'm not at all miserable, or depressed incidentally).... or, frequently, "You should go out more" etc. Why?

    There was a composer whose work I admire, Webern(sadly killed in the War), who said : "The way onward is the way inward". That has always impressed me.
    We need more true toleration, I feel, for individual ways of being.