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24 hour/3-day work week with $30.00 minimum wage starting in 2013. Solve multiple social and individual problems with this.


Current worker productivity justifies the 3-day/24-hour work week.

Fairness, increased productivity, happiness, health, family values and many more positive human and societal values will be achieved if this is implemented in 2013.


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    Feb 13 2013: Nice setup from a corporate apologist. The fact of the matter is that while employee productivity is up some 40% and corporate profits are up over 150% (and corporate taxes are down some 25%) in the last 40 years...real wages FELL 15%. In other words the people who are making all that $$$$ for the corporations are getting screwed out of the increases in pay the corporations implied (40 years ago) would be coming with the productivity increases that the corporations wanted.
    We are Not "broke" we are being ROBBED, with the collusion of Congress!

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