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24 hour/3-day work week with $30.00 minimum wage starting in 2013. Solve multiple social and individual problems with this.


Current worker productivity justifies the 3-day/24-hour work week.

Fairness, increased productivity, happiness, health, family values and many more positive human and societal values will be achieved if this is implemented in 2013.


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    Feb 11 2013: and i suppose that would be mandatory, no opt out, am i right?
    • Feb 11 2013: How would you like to opt out? Would you prefer working a 5 or 6 day work week and 40 or more hours and earning $8.00 an hour rather than $30.00 an hour? What do you think would achieve justice in the workmoney world?
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        Feb 11 2013: for example because i'm getting turned down for that salary requirement. i can't find a job. i would accept 50 hours per week and $5 an hour, because i can do nothing else but take shopping carts back to their place. that is what my education grants me. since your idea prevents me from doing that, now i have no income, and i can't eat.
        • Feb 11 2013: You are describing the failure of the current system. That is why I am calling for IMMEDIATE CHANGE. Perhaps, when women and men share power equally in all systems, we will have a safe, sane, just, healthy, happy society. One thing you can do is VOTE FOR WOMEN ONLY until women and men have equal power in public offices. Perhaps you can think of other things you can do to change our system to accomplish our positive goals. Let's not talk about this for years. WE NEED ACTION NOW!
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        Feb 11 2013: no, i am talking about your hypothetical system. in the real world, i have more than enough education to earn $30 per hour. but lets assume i don't. i was a drug addict at age 15, and then i worked on an animal farm, i took out the manure. i get $5, work 50 hours, then watch oprah. my employer said to me that he can do that job with a machine, which he can rent for $15 per day. so i'm fired. what do you have for me?
        • Feb 11 2013: Training, re-training, entrepreneuring, voting for women in every election until women have 50% of the power in all systems, et cetera. You seem smart enough to figure it out without help from me.
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        Feb 11 2013: so you send me on a training, after which my work will worth more than $35. so far so good. but then, why do we need your minimum wage law? if my work worth $35, i can get it even if the minimum is 10 or there is no minimum at all.

        but wait. what if i plan to open a small restaurant. i want to save enough money, so i agree to still work 50 hours a week, for $35 per hour, to earn more. i value the money more than my free time, in which i just watch oprah, or do drugs. why can't i do that?
        • Feb 11 2013: Kris, It is a free country. If you want to work more than 24 hours per week, you can. Do you think the market today results in fundamental fairness to employees? Do you think a single worker has equal bargaining power with a corporation? Obviously, I am talking about the 24 hour work week being the standard to replace the current 40 hour standard.
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        Feb 11 2013: then i don't understand your system. there would be a 24 hr week, but people could work more or less if they want? what is that limit is for then? i dont agree with the 40 hr either. there should be no preferred work length. there should be no benefits or penalties on any arrangement.
        • Feb 11 2013: I guess you have no standard work week in the country in which you live. In the USA, 40 hours per week is fairly standard. How many hours per week do you work?
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        Feb 11 2013: why would that be important? aren't we talking about what should be?

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