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24 hour/3-day work week with $30.00 minimum wage starting in 2013. Solve multiple social and individual problems with this.


Current worker productivity justifies the 3-day/24-hour work week.

Fairness, increased productivity, happiness, health, family values and many more positive human and societal values will be achieved if this is implemented in 2013.


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    Feb 11 2013: So Alice's (aka Fritzie's) Restaurant used to have a weekly payroll of $4K/wk for 10 employees working 40 hrs each @ $10/hr, and I paid $5.95 for a burger, coke and fries.Alice has to hire 7 additional employees to fill the 400 hr/wk manhours because of the 24 hr/wk limit. She also must pay each of the 17 employees $30/hr for their 24 hr shift. Her payroll goes up to $12,240/wk, an increase of 306%. Either Alice goes out of business or she raises the price of my lunch to $18.21. In fact EVERYTHING goes up 306%! So personal buying power has remained the same but now I have 4 days a week of leisure which does me no good because I cannot afford to pay $11.32 per gallon for gas for my new $110,160 car. The government collects more taxes to pay interest on the never-ending debt, to fund entitlement programs and government payroll. And the winner is. . . ?
    • Feb 11 2013: edward, I get the impression you think things are just right the way they are. Are you aware of any injustices in the work-for-money world? The money income of those who buy lunch would increase along with those who serve you lunch. Please let us know what you propose to diminish the present inequities within the moneywork world.
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        Feb 11 2013: First, read Ed Griffin's book "The Creature From Jekyll Island". Second, tell your congresspersons and senators you will vote them out if they do not show aggressive, persistent action to dissolve the Federal Reserve System and return the US to a currency standard, i.e. gold or silver. No more printing money from nothing! Then we can deal with fair distribution of wealth; cronyism; corruption; restraint of trade; suppression of competition; government interference; establishing and maintaining a Supply and Demand based economy; disciplining ourselves as consumers to stop spending money we don't have; and stop acting like Socialists expecting the government to take care of us. And so on. Thank you!
        • Feb 11 2013: Thank you, edward, for expressing your true thoughts and feelings. I shall contemplate all of your suggestions. Best wishes.

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