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24 hour/3-day work week with $30.00 minimum wage starting in 2013. Solve multiple social and individual problems with this.


Current worker productivity justifies the 3-day/24-hour work week.

Fairness, increased productivity, happiness, health, family values and many more positive human and societal values will be achieved if this is implemented in 2013.


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  • Feb 10 2013: How about instead we go back to the era when every Tom, Dick and Jane didn't think that society should interfere in private contracts between individuals? If indeed current worker productivity justified a 24 hour work week at $30 an hour then that is what we'd have. Speaking for myself, I'd rather have the ability to negotiate my employment contract without your help.
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      Feb 10 2013: How about we go back to the era where a majority of the corporations in the country had SOME sense of noblesse oblige'? Also lets go back to when a $1 would buy a dozen eggs or a 1.25 gal of gas. Or we could go back to the 1940s when there was SOME sort of political outrage when corporations wrecked the economy. Good luck with that too. As to Unions, we need them. without unions, and with the illegal immigration that has been permitted by our government, we would be at (or below) slave wages for every job...With the Food service Union busted in the 1970s (with the collusion of congress) we ARE at slave wages for food service workers.. I've APPLIED for high end tech jobs. The employer would rather hire someone at 1/2 pay, and full time, Buy their visa (by claiming "there are no suitable candidates" which translates to "the locals won't or can't work for slave wages and still pay their bills") and then dump them here when the contract is over, than hire someone with direct experience and pay for that knowledge. If these mega-corporations had their way they would be paying below $20k a year for service engineers.
      • Feb 10 2013: I have a high end tech job and if I'm ever out of work it only takes me one month at the most to find the same work. Of course, that only happened once in 30 years so I don't really have a large sample to draw data from.

        Don't blame the corporations for doing what is in their own best interest. You can't expect them to do otherwise. They don't have to do business in this country at all if they don't want to. Making them pay more than they want to pay will not change that for the better. Don't tell me any of that stuff about us being the biggest economy in the world and they can't make money anywhere else. The truth is that 80% of the world's economy is outside the US and we are making our share smaller every day by making it harder and harder to do business here. The natural tendency of anyone when forced to do something that they think is not in their best interests is to go somewhere where they are not.

        You are implying that the corporation is greedy for not giving you what you want. Isn't it just as greedy to ask for something from them that they aren't willing to give? If you aren't willing to work for what they are willing to pay then they will find someone who is. And don't tell me that they are rich and you are poor. Greed is greed no matter your bank balance.

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