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Should the FDA be shutting down the facilities that are doing adult stem cell research?

Picture yourself in the shoes of a person that is suffering from MS, you have tried everything and you are now in a wheel chair and your condition is getting worse, the only thing you haven't tried is Adult stem cell treatment, but you can't in the US because the FDA has shut down and banned the labs that were conducting this research. You would have to go over seas to get this treatment. As an american citizen wouldn't you want all options of treatment available to you? Is it fair to make people suffering now wait decades, and perhaps not make it, for something that could save their life now?


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    Feb 11 2013: As a previous Molecular Biology student I was somewhat intrigued by what the 'adult stem cell research' actually was so I looked into it.
    The research is a little sketchy and the logic of how the treatment is supposed to work is dubious, at least in its present state.
    Its important that the FDA is involved (This is ultimately medicine, afterall) and if the research can face peer-review then the FDA will allow it, although I get the suspicion that it wouldn't be able to pass any time soon.

    (The FDA wont actually stop research by the way, merely the sales of an unregulated item. Any reputable research centre would know and expect that outcome, which sort of adds further questioning to the credibility, in my opinion.).

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