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What are your best time management tips?

As student, I am struggling with time management. The thing is that, although I plan my day, I cannot fullfill my planned work. During the day, I am being stressed, walking as all negative. Important thing to mention is that, my university's educational system is that, we have very often too many exams. In last exam, I got low score and after a month I am going to have subject exams again. I am worrying too much and cannot live normal/pieceful life. When I was at high school, I enjoyed/loved learning. But now, I lost this trait. What can you advice TED community, how can I regain my this trait? I am feeling and realizing that I am not studying for myself, it's just may be for passing exams. I know I was not this kind of person, and I'd love to know any of your advices.

Thank you


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      Feb 21 2013: I came back to this conversation to see where it was at, and saw this comment.

      Is it aimed at me?

      If so, then Yes!! it works.

      Especially when they have school work to do and are anxious to goof off and do something fun.
      I just say..."Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do"

      I must admit, I use it on myself also......because it is easy for me to get off-task easily...LOL

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