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What are your best time management tips?

As student, I am struggling with time management. The thing is that, although I plan my day, I cannot fullfill my planned work. During the day, I am being stressed, walking as all negative. Important thing to mention is that, my university's educational system is that, we have very often too many exams. In last exam, I got low score and after a month I am going to have subject exams again. I am worrying too much and cannot live normal/pieceful life. When I was at high school, I enjoyed/loved learning. But now, I lost this trait. What can you advice TED community, how can I regain my this trait? I am feeling and realizing that I am not studying for myself, it's just may be for passing exams. I know I was not this kind of person, and I'd love to know any of your advices.

Thank you


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      Feb 12 2013: Your comment reminded me of an interview someone gave on tv.
      The person stated that when he was little his mom always said to him:

      "Do what you have to to, so you can do what you want to do".

      I have never forgotten that advice....and I use it often with my kids when they try to procrastinate.

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