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Fiscal Reform

The world economy must be held accountable by a majority power in order to spark change in borrowing practices. The deficits being created worldwide are becoming such radical amounts that have zero impact on those working to minimize spending practices. Governments have reached a point of no return, and budgetary responsibility is at an all time low. So the real question stands, who will take up the charge for reform, if not our own elected officials?

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    Feb 10 2013: Us
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    Feb 11 2013: Kevin, I am on real thin ice here as I am still learning about economics. There are two basic economic philosophies and they align politically. 1) Keynesian ... this is basically a political direction that embraces big government and social programs. and 2) Austrian .. this wants small government, balanced trade, and a GDP that exceeds the national debit. Don't take my word look them up because I am not an authority.

    The easiest way to see the cause and effect is to look at circa 1915 Argentinia. Both America and Venezuela are entering the point of no return on bankrupcy. The EU will continue to have problems as long as they continue to have the burdens of national health and volumes of social programs. The problem is that the citizens now demand these "free" programs and the leadership is afraid to put their political future in jeapordy by doing what is necessary.

    We in the US have no excuse. We have seen what the last four years have done to the economy and what the figures are on the future ... the facts were available ... 28 states have said that Obamacare will bankrupt the state and yet we push on ... the fed continues to buy up acid loans on money that does not exist and we continue on ... we bypass the Constitution through Executive Orders and yet we push on ... etc.

    I would like to say that the people would step forward and say enough ... they had a chance and yet they drank more koolade and we continue the spiral. The National Debit has now passed the GDP but we are told that things are getting better. We are doomed to see depression and inflation not if ... but when.

    Fiscal reform cannot occur overnight ... bankrupcy can occur in one term .... the fall of a nation in two.
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    Feb 11 2013: We the people! And let's start with abolishing the Federal Reserve System and returning to the gold standard.